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Services Provided

All service schedules are customized to fit your needs. If you just want a one time treatment or a weekly service, contracts are available but are not required. Acme Pest Control will provide quality service, always considering environmental conditions using IPM techniques for your home and workplace. Starting with an inspection and an honest assessment, we will let you know before any treatments are made, as to what kind of results to expect. 

Residential / Homes
pest control service

Acme Pest Control service provides general pest control around the home creating a protective barrier for your health from pest-related threats. Acme Pest Control has the experience and expertise to rid your home of pest threats while maintaining your quality of life. These methods are customized and always in consideration of the environment around your home; kids, pets, and landscape. We treat for insects, rodents, roaches, wasps, bed bugs and many other occasional invaders. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Commercial / Office Buildings

pest control service

A complete pest control service for your business using IMP to create a partnership between you and Acme Pest Control. By working together, we can provide the peace of mind that your business will be protected against pest-related health and property threats. Commercial properties are at risk from pest infestations during the warming months. Pests such as rodents, bees, wasps, cockroaches, and spiders can also become more active throughout commercial office buildings and properties during the spring which makes it essential to maintain proper pest control, especially during seasonal transitions. Bed bugs are a growing concern in office workplaces due to frequent traveling and employees living in apartments. Bed bugs reproduce quickly, so it’s critical to detect and treat infestations early.  

Medical Facilities

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Healthcare facilities must meet the highest level of sanitation, while caring for very sensitive populations. Acme Pest Control provides green pest control as various pests pose a number of health threats through the spread of bacteria and contamination of surfaces, medical supplies and equipment. Acme Pest Control will develop an IPM program to analyze your facility, find possible entryways as well as the common pests in the surrounding area. Kitchens are extremely susceptible to pests coming in through the dock area used for deliveries. Pests that present the highest health risks in all healthcare facilities are cockroaches, rodents, ants, flies and bed bugs. Acme Pest Control works closely with facility maintenance to keep an ongoing cycle of sanitary and prevention measures to help keep pests away, ensuring maximum protection with minimum exposure.

Restaurants / Commercial kitchens
pest control service

Pests are a serious threat to the restaurant business. Roaches, rodents, ants and other pests compromise sanitation and quality, bring fines from health inspections hurting your reputation and costing you customers. Acme pest control will provide a thorough inspection to identify structural and sanitation threats in your restaurant and remove the pest risk. Acme Pest control will also create a prevention and monitoring strategy to help keep new pest problems from ever getting started. We know the last thing you want to worry about are pests getting in your way. We want you to be worry-free and pest-free. Acme Pest Control will create pest control procedures that are customized to your business or facility.

Hotels / Clubs / Spa
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Pest management can be challenging to all hospitality properties. Bed bugs are one of the most serious pest problems facing the hospitality industry. Acme Pest Control service will show up in a timely fashion and implement aggressive strategies to include a thorough inspection and treatment of infested areas, as well as a followed-up inspection to ensure the problem has been solved. Whether guests are staying the night at your hotel, visiting your restaurant, or having a couple of drinks at your bar, you want to be confident that your location is pest free.

Apartments / Rentals
pest control service

Acme Pest Control service will provide inspection for each unit and the entire building looking for areas pests can enter through including gaps, cracks or holes near appliances, around cabinets, utility cables/wires, around door and window frames, and underneath baseboards. Proper treatment of roaches that doesn't push them to surrounding units and instead, controlling the transfer of them around your building by stopping the never ending cycle. We can provide inspection plans that cover all units according to the needs of each tenant and property management. 

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